The Shasta County Child Abuse Prevention Coordinating Council (Shasta CAPCC) is a non-profit organization that serves as an umbrella for a wide range of projects throughout Shasta County that provide community outreach, youth development, family support, and child abuse prevention education and awareness activities.

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ribbon-icon-sqWhat We Do



  • Coordinating public/private child abuse prevention efforts in Shasta County.
  • Enhancing the range of opportunities offered to strengthen communities and families.
  • Providing public information, education, and professional development regarding child abuse and neglect and their prevention.
  • Advocating for the improvement and expansion of quality services related to the prevention and treatment of child abuse and neglect.
  • Collaborating with other Child Abuse Prevention Councils at local, regional, state, and national levels to achieve mutually determined objectives.

globe-icon-sqWhy We Need Prevention


Child Abuse is a serious problem that can have lasting harmful effects on its victims.The social and economic costs of child abuse and neglect are difficult to calculate. Some costs are straightforward and directly related to maltreatment, such as hospital costs for medical treatment of injuries sustained as a result of physical abuse and foster care costs resulting from the removal of children when they cannot remain safely with their families. Other costs, less directly tied to the incidence of abuse, include lower academic achievement, adult criminality, and lifelong mental and physical health problems. Both direct and indirect costs impact our society and economy.

info-icon-sqHow to Help



  • Educate yourself with child abuse and neglect facts and statistics.
  • Support local events and activities that bring awareness to the community.
  • Offer a helping hand taking care of the children of your friend, neighbor or relative, so the parent(s) can rest or spend time together.
  • Volunteer at one of our events or at the Anderson Teen Center.
  • Donate to Shasta CAPCC's Family Resource Center: We are always in need of diapers, children's clothing and personal hygiene products.


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Thank you Shasta County for your amazing support in getting the word out about Child Abuse Prevention.

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With your help, We can Prevent Child Abuse in Shasta County.

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